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Regional Priorities – West Queensland

1. Reproductive efficiency, reproductive wastage, low re-conception rates in first calf cows

  • Social research – why aren’t producers doing the recommended practices?
  • What are the obstacles and what drives people to do what they do
  • Neospora – prevalence and whether a vaccine should be developed x region
  • Calf loss from conception to weaning
  • Poor re-conception in first calf cows

2. Diet quality, monitoring and economical strategic supplementation

  • Research into looking at lick intakes
  • Improving NIRS analysis accuracy with high browse diets
  • Diet selection and preference for certain species at certain times of the day

3. Animal care at saleyards and enroute

  • Damage to microflora at saleyards
  • Stress to cattle not being on feed and water
  • Effect of no feed at saleyards on meat quality or post-saleyard performance and the economic effects
  • Use of Maxitrans or similar electrolyte product at saleyards prior to transport
  • Pre-trucking training (training in small body trucks) – compare with animals that have never been trucked that go straight to the saleyards

4. Speed of removing horns from cattle

  • Stud industry update
  • No research issues
  • Primarily need to support the research that is being done. This work is being addressed to a great extent by Kishore Prayaga.

5. Trend of mining and food crops

  • Impact of mining on farm water quality impact on communities
  • Water quality effects on cattle productivity

6. Animal temperament

  • Develop temperament EBV’s for other breeds

7. Welfare from farm gate to terminus (saleyards, works, feedlot, spelling facility, etc.)

  • Measure cortisol levels in cattle going from one site to another and how stress levels are affected by training, water and continuous access to feed versus no access
  • How do we get welfare acted upon at saleyards where animals are turning up that aren’t fit for travel? There is a law in place, however, this continues to happen – should animals be destroyed and owners be sent a bill.

Other issues raised

  • Public perceptions about transport of animals, animals held in saleyards with no access to feed.
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