South-East Queensland


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Damien O’Sullivan
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
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Regional Priorities – South East Queensland

1. Manage Carbon In the Northern Beef Industry

  • Carbon accounting on farm.
  • Determine how to accurately measure soil, and vegetation carbon on farm.

2. Managing natural ecosystems sustainably

  • Weeds eg lantana, African Love grass, Giant Rats tail grass creeping lantana.
  • Climate predictability – both short and long term
  • Improvement in short and medium term forecasts
  • Biological control of weeds and other pests – especially ticks
  • Continued research in rangeland management
  • Improved rumen function for greater feed conversion efficiency

3. Maintain a Quality Assurance program that produces healthy and nutritious products and promote these beef products in a way that encourages consumer demand.

  • A practical workable system of QA that includes:
  • Vendor declarations,
  • Livestock identification and records of chemical use and storage. (Livestock and farm chemicals)
  • Develop an extension, education and training program on the safe use, storage and transport of chemicals – a campaign that trains both end users and retailers.
  • Retailers adding expiry dates of products purchased to invoices.

4. Education and extension

  • Encourage all producers to adopt new technologies for natural resource management and production.
  • Devise innovative extension and education programs to achieve the above.
  • Promote an image of the beef industry as being environmentally responsible and sustainable
  • Promote our products as healthy and nutritious
  • Promote and educate the public that Animal welfare is an industry priority
  • Develop an education module for schools on the beef industry that is online and regularly updated.
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