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Jodie Ward
NT Department of Resources – Primary Industries
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h3. Regional Priorities – Katherine

Weed control work
Biological control vs chemical control cost benefit issue over what period of time weed control work becomes cost effective and alternatives to chemical control.

Cost benefit of weed control work
Issue over what period of time weed control work becomes cost effective.

Herd fertility
Improving herd fertility for overall improvement in production.

Genetic gains
Recognising the difference between genetic and nutritional gains – what’s attributable to genetics versus nutrition.

Animal welfare
Welfare standard in respect to animal management and live export.

Control of native species
Species (such as macropods) are increasing due to pastoral/rangelands/infrastructure improvements.

Impediments for the uptake of information
How can these be addressed.

Tenure – subdivision issues on what is considered viable
What does it take to be viable?

Animal nutrition*
Raising nutrition without raising input costs.

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