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Regional Priorities – Central Queensland

1. Uptake of information

  • Money invested in research is wasted if the findings are not adopted.
  • The uptake of information is an umbrella to all other priorities.
  • A review is needed to determine strategies and incentives for the uptake of information.
  • The positives for the adoption of technologies need to be marketed.
  • Business acumen is necessary.

For good uptake of technology presenters need to understand the triggers of change and how does the technology fit into the holistic picture. What is the new paradigm that is being presented? The industry producers are ageing and many need mentoring. Urgent needs outweigh the strategic requirements. The adoption of benchmarking is important. The culture of the industry is being threatened.

2. Nutrition

  • How do we get cattle to market specifications on time?
  • What do we supplement and when?
  • Matching appropriate nutrition for genotypes and markets.

3. Viable management for the environment

  • Producers have seen the different phases of the industry from the pioneering to development to the sustainable environment phase.
  • What does the industry want the landscape to look like?
  • What impression do we want to create to the whole community whilst remaining viable?
  • What are the implications of climate change on our enterprises?
  • We need to understand and have the community understand what responsible environmental management looks like.

4. Herd fertility

  • What are the factors that most affect fertility?
  • Is there a balance between genetics and nutrition?
  • 367 day calving interval is not acceptable
  • Breeders are so run down calving that they don’t get back into calf.
  • Reducing the generation interval and collecting large numbers of eggs.
  • What are the effects and frequency of disease?

5. Diseases and Parasites

  • The need for on-farm Bio security plans- templates need to be developed
  • Integrating NLIS into management
  • The impact of bio-terrorism
  • The use of virtual fencing and remote sensing for surveillance.

6. Animal welfare

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