Central Australia - NT

Alice Springs Pastoral Advisory Committee & Beef Research Committee (ASPIAC)


Nicole Hayes
“Undoolya Station”
Phone: 08 8952 1806
Mobile: 0417 885 710
Email: undoolya@westnet.com.au


Chris Materne
NT Dept of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources
PO Box 8760, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
Phone: 08 8951 8135
Mobile: 0458 605 883
Fax: 08 8951 8123
Email: Pieter.Conradie@nt.gov.au

Regional Priorities – Central Australia

Land Management

  • Incorporating appropriate rests for pasture after rain events
  • Using fire management to manage woody thickening
  • Soil erosion management and prevention
  • Controlling grazing pressure from both domestic and feral animals

Breeder Herd Management

  • Buying better bulls
  • Clean musters of mickeys – use of autodrafter at watering points?
  • Measuring performance of breeder herd
  • Improved weaning practices
  • Improved heifer management practices

Cattle Nutrition

  • Increased uptake of water medicators
  • Increased supplementation with phosphorus
  • Feed budgeting for cattle

New Technology

  • Increased search for technology that can result in cost savings or improved efficiencies on station – telemetry has been great for water point monitoring but what else can we do for other infrastructure requirements fences, weeds etc
  • Education in using new technology to increase uptake of the technology
  • Sourcing information from the internet – how can we ensure there is good information available on the web about management practices?

Business Management

  • Measuring the cost of production
  • Diversification of business income
  • Staff training – would stations benefit from a general station hand training program that their temporary staff could undertake?
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