Regional Beef Research Committees

NABRC is underpinned by eleven regional committees chaired by producers who represent their regions at NABRC meetings. The regional committees provide grass roots input to NABRC and are at the heart of its continuing success. Regional committees are made up of producers and local RD&E personnel from a wide range of organisations.

Chairs of the regional committees play a key role in developing RD&A priorities for MLA’s annual call for grassfed beef RD&A projects by providing advice relating to:

  • the strategic direction and principal components of the Program;
  • the design and management of RD&A projects, to ensure the full benefit of projects are captured;
  • RD&A funding and expenditure; and
  • communication of results to industry.

What is the role of regional committees?

  • Identify problems and needs that may be solved by research, development, education, extension and training.
  • Assess the relative importance of these identified needs and the potential benefits to the region.
  • Recommend research portfolio distribution at a regional level across providers as an efficient integrated strategy.
  • Assess the resources required for research, and recommend ways in which these may be acquired.
  • Ensure appropriate consideration of the likely impact of any new technology on the local environment in both the short- and long-term.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of research results to the region and to provide feedback on the adoption of new technologies.
  • Monitor the progress of research projects and programs in the region.
  • Provide input to participating organisations to assist with the development and review of strategic plans.
  • Provide input to assist the development of project proposals when necessary.
  • Encourage appropriate training for RBRC members.
  • Report to NABRC on achievements.

Contact your regional committee

If you are a producer and want more information about your local regional committee or to discuss RD&A priorities, select your region from the map to find the contact details for your regional committee Chairman or Secretary.

NABRC - Design and Implementation by Bernard Zajac