Leading Teams to Action Workshop

This two-day interactive workshop gave participants the tools needed to lead and work in teams that achieve the performance expected of individuals, team leaders, managers and the organisation.

All those who participated enjoyed a range of activities focussed on the Power of the Team, Team Building Blocks, and Teams in Action. Everyone completed a Myers Briggs personality profile to give them the chance to understanding themselves and others.

At the end of the two days each participant completed their Learning Action Diary and undertook to make one personal change and one team change that they will implement during the three months following the workshop.

“Despite the fact that I have done similar courses, the content of these workshops never fails to be useful. There are always new insights into how we can work with others, as well as a timely reminder of personal habits that may need a little maintenance to keep the team running smoothly.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded industry people and talk over the common issues that seem to affect us all, regardless of location.”Richard Peatling

NABRC - Design and Implementation by Bernard Zajac