Townsville - 15-16 March 2011

Highlights from the NABRC meeting held in Townsville on 15 and 16 March 2011

This meeting, jointly facilitated by David Stanfield and Ralph Shannon, was a priority setting exercise to define the Northern Australia priorities as part of the National Beef Production RD&E Strategy. The outputs of the meeting will define what RD&E needs to be conducted over the next 3 to 5 years for the northern beef industry.

During Day 1 of the meeting Regional Beef Research Committee Chairs were asked to respond to the following questions:
Why should we invest in RD&E in your region, on what? What RD&E is not currently being done?

NABRC Stakeholder/observers were asked to respond to the following questions:

What RD&E has been done in the past that has not been widely adapted or adopted?  What high potential RD&E topics have been overlooked in the past which, if funded, could yield significant improvements in northern Australia beef production in the next five years?”

Day 2 of the workshop was both stimulating and enjoyable. A series of strategic imperatives and programs for the industry were identified and will be refined prior to the next meeting in August.

The meeting also include a trip to CSIRO’s Lansdown Research Station, west of Townsville. This trip was an insight into the work that is being undertaken by CSIRO, including:

  • Methane Chamber & Legume Research – Nigel Tomkins Carlos Ramirez
  • Poly Tunnel Research – Nigel Tomkins
  • Laser Research – Nigel Tomkins
  • Sensor Networks – Luciano Gonzalez
  • Genetics by Environment Research – Chris O’Neill

NABRC - Design and Implementation by Bernard Zajac